Corporate Events

Corporate events can present a set of challenges which need to be clarified for the success of an event. It's very important to know whether a more background feel is appropriate or whether the program calls for a major, center of stage performance, or whether shorter bursts of entertainment over a longer period are the best fit for your event.

Upon first contact, it should be established how much presence you would like, and how many artists you would like to include as well as the number of guests you expect. This indicates the amount of equipment necessary for your event.

I have purchased sound equipment which allows me to control individual speaker volumes to accommodate the volume levels preferred by individual tables and to minimize spill over into adjacent areas or spaces.

Additionally, I have purchased some percussion equipment designed to operate at much lower volumes than previous models did to maintain an environment conducive to conversation, even nearby the instruments.

In addition to the flamenco guitar, I often play laúd, a Spanish 12-string mandolin-like instrument. It adds a nice contrast to the nylon string guitar.  I can also bring a Turkish saz, a 7 string instrument that is a direct descendent of one of the oldest stringed instruments in the world: kopuz. Below, is a musical sample called Tunisia, in which I play saz so you can hear how it sounds.

Our goal is to provide you with the amount of presence and volume you feel is appropriate for your goals.

I, or we, can be booked in several formation options:

  • Solo - Solo guitar and with rhythm tracks;
  • Duo - Two guitarists, guitar and bass, guitar and percussion;
  • Trio - Guitar, bass and percussion, two guitarists and percussion, two guitarists and bass, or even guitar and two percussionists;
  • Quartet - Two guitarists, bass and percussion;
  • Dance  - Male and female, or 2 females (it is recommended to have 2);
  • Voice - Recommended with dance.

My pricing generally includes a small speaker and one PA system. It also includes a basic insurance certificate of liability often required by venues. Additional insurance coverages are available for additional fees.

Also, I have some batteries and an inverter (converts DC to AC [Direct Current to Alternate Current]) to power up in non-electrical environments like parks, and other outdoor venues not equipped with power.

Additionally, I can provide traditional and wireless microphones for your group, as well as a second PA system in case you need sound in more than one location. Check with your venue first, as a PA may be included in your package, which may help avoid the additional cost. Note that I have purchased higher-end, professional audio equipment to accommodate the precision demanded for acoustic music, so be aware that I have selected from among the best that is available so our music sounds detailed, clear, and simply just beautiful.

Please contact me for pricing and availability (858) 882-7152