Hi, and thank you for taking the time to read and learn about what my friends and I can offer for weddings.

While you may, or may not, have preconceived notions about flamenco, please take some time to read as much of what I have written on this site as possible. Flamenco, as I present it, can be much broader and much more engaging than you may realize.

Your wedding does not have to have a Spanish theme, unless that is what you want, for the music I play to be a great fit. I have chosen music for our repertoire, or my repertoire, that is gorgeous and appealing no matter what the theme of the event. 

I have adapted music for the pre-ceremony, ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception that spans the widest possible variety of feels within flamenco as is possible. Some songs are very relaxing and easy going and do not obey a particular rhythm, others are slower, but still rhythmic, some are uptempo and lightly to strongly rhythmic, and still others are heavily rhythmic and very fast paced. I can emphasize any part of the spectrum that you would like me to during any part of your wedding.

The variety of song forms that comprise flamenco allow a musician to communicate any part of the human spectrum of emotion and gives us a way of connecting to guests that differs in refreshing ways from other musical styles.

Flamenco song forms vary substantially in their amenability to fusion with other musical styles such as Latin, Middle Eastern, and even contemporary Jazz. When appropriate, I do like to give some of them a contemporary feel, or emphasize Middle Eastern sounding passages, or play them more traditionally.

If possible, I prefer to play music from my flamenco repertoire because it allows me to play what I love, and I can infuse the music with a feel and a passion that connects more directly to your guests, and believe me, they notice. However, if for some reason you need some of the traditional songs listed below for your ceremony, I can play them.

I do offer a few commonly requested traditional, or classical oriented songs for ceremonies.

They are:

  • Suite I (BWV 1007) - J.S. Bach
  • Canon in D - Pachelbel
  • Bridal Chorus by Wagner
  • Ave Maria - Gounod or Schubert
  • Bridal March - Mendelssohn

Please note that I, or we, can be booked in several formation options:

  • Solo - Solo guitar and with rhythm tracks;
  • Duo - Two guitarists, guitar and bass, guitar and percussion;
  • Trio - Guitar, bass and percussion, two guitarists and percussion, two guitarists and bass, or even guitar and two percussionists;
  • Quartet - Two guitarists, bass and percussion;
  • Dance  - Male and female, or 2 females (it is recommended to have 2);
  • Voice - Recommended with dance.

I will need to know your approximate guest count and a little about the space in which we are to perform so that I will know how much sound equipment will be appropriate.

My pricing generally includes a small speaker, usually for my use only during the ceremony, and then one PA system, often used for the cocktail hour. It also includes a basic insurance certificate often required by venues. Additional insurance coverages are available for additional fees.

In addition to the flamenco guitar, I often play laúd, a Spanish 12-string mandolin-like instrument. It adds a nice contrast to the nylon string guitar.  I can also bring a Turkish saz, a 7 string instrument that is a direct descendent of one of the oldest stringed instruments in the world: kopuz. You may see these instruments on the instrument page.

Also, I have some batteries and an inverter (converts DC to AC [Direct Current to Alternate Current]) for use in non-electrical environments. It allows me to power up for a few hours in locations without electricity.

Additionally, I can provide traditional and wireless microphones for you or your officiant, as well as a second, separate PA system in case you need it. Check with your venue first as a PA may be included in your package, which may help avoid the additional cost. Note that I have purchased higher-end, professional audio equipment to accommodate the precision demanded for acoustic music, so know that I have selected from among the best that is available so our music sounds detailed, clear, and simply just beautiful.