Private Events

Private events include birthday parties, anniversaries, wedding rehearsal dinners, post-wedding luncheons, mitzvah events, quinceañeras, family reunions, engagement events, baptism parties, bachelorette parties, open houses, celebrations of life, house warming parties, private holiday parties, and more.

Once the time, the location and the number of guests are determined, we can discuss the number of performers and other specifics for your event. The number of guests and the acoustics of the location usually play a role in how much amplification is necessary to provide enough sound for everyone, yet at a low enough level to keep everyone happy.

I, or we, can be booked in several formation options:

  • Solo - Solo guitar and with rhythm tracks;
  • Duo - Two guitarists, guitar and bass, guitar and percussion;
  • Trio - Guitar, bass and percussion, two guitarists and percussion, two guitarists and bass, or even guitar and two percussionists;
  • Quartet - Two guitarists, bass and percussion;
  • Dance  - Male and female, or 2 females (it is recommended to have 2);
  • Voice - Recommended with dance.

My pricing generally includes a small speaker and one PA system. It also includes a basic insurance certificate often required by venues. Additional insurance coverages are available for additional fees.

Also, I have some batteries and an inverter (converts DC to AC [Direct Current to Alternate Current]) to power up in non-electrical environments.

In addition to the flamenco guitar, I often play laúd, a Spanish 12-string mandolin-like instrument. It adds a nice contrast to the nylon string guitar.  I can also bring a Turkish saz, a 7 string instrument that is a direct descendent of one of the oldest stringed instruments in the world: kopuz. See my Instruments and equipment page for pictures.

Additionally, I can provide traditional and wireless microphones for your group, as well as a second PA system in case you need amplified sound in more than one location. Check with your venue first as a PA may be included in your package, which may help avoid the additional cost. Note that I have purchased high-end, professional audio equipment to accommodate the precision demanded for acoustic music, so know that I have selected from among the best available so our music sounds detailed, clear, and simply beautiful.

Please contact me for pricing and availability    -    anthony@agarica guitar    -   (858) 882-7152